Help the little witch to destroy all the cursed pumpkins from the world. But be careful the magic energy from the witch is limited and she needs to recharge his magic powers.


  • Left/Right arrows to move
  • Up arrow to shoot (this consume magic energy)
  • Space/Enter to select on the menu
  • Do not shoot to recharge magic energy


Download 29 MB
Download 42 MB
Download 25 MB

Development log


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hey, I could not start the game, the button 'start game' doesn't seem to be working...

Thank you very much. There was an issue with Godot and Mono, already fixed the exported files. Should be playable now.

It worked! very cool game, nice graphics and sound! congrats!!

Thank you very much.

There is still a whole lot of room for improvement, mostly adding some juicy to the game, but for now, the game is  "done", I did learn what I needed to learn, and now it's time to move to a different game.

woow, fast, i like, the idea of saving shots is very good =0


There still a whole lot room for improvement, 

I was wondering in adding a possible drop from enemies to increase the shot energy and some extra points.

I do need to add the score on the game over screen also