"She was perfect.
More than that. 
But we broke up.
But I'll find a way to get over this."

Until the end of it is a small side project to create a small Metroidvania to apply some newly acquired knowledge on the game engine and some different concepts to develop a more in-depth experience.


  • Arrows or "WASD" to move. 
  • Space or "UP (W)" to jump.
  • Control or "J" to attack.


uteoi.Linux.a64469.zip 28 MB
uteoi.MacOS.a64469.zip 43 MB
uteoi.Win.a64469.zip 27 MB

Development log


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Hey, nice little demo =)


Still, a lot to work on it. In special some animations on the main character pixel art.

Only in the current version I could see the dialogues which I think were good. Is the girl a ghost? I'm waiting to see more =)

She is a monster, that's for sure.

The other 'episodes' will have more information regarding her.

Thanks for playing by the way :D