Help this small archaeologist that felt on the bottom of the canyon, and needs to climb up before sundown.

The objective is to manage stamina while climbing up, avoiding obstacles and traps placed by ancient tribes in this canyon.

Know issues:

  • The controls are linked to the refresh rate. Playing on 120fps makes it a little harder to play.



  • Move: Arrow or WASD
  • Jump: Space, W or Up arrow


  • Move: Left thumb
  • Jump: X (PSx), A (Xbox/Nintendo)


Download 32 MB
Download 43 MB
Download 27 MB


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Good job!! I had fun playing it, but it'd be nice to have a progressive difficulty with the level design, it was too easy in the beginning and really tricky at the end.

If you add more mechanics, consider changing the player's wall slide by itself instead of holding directional.


Thank you very much. That's a good idea. I'll visit this very simple game in the future, and probably add a better progression.

Very cool, though I missed some 'you won' moment at the top. Nice art sound and controls =)

That's true, I may update this.

very good graphics and themes, I found it difficult to jump on walls, change direction, I didn't get to the end because it falls at the beginning after the third 4 button Ç.ç. Could the stamina bar work by spending?

I will try the game at home just to be sure. Maybe you could check the framerate of your machine, because the controls a tight linked to the framerate, at the 120hz it's pretty hard to jump in time. 

already, it's working fine, get it, for me missing a win moment heheheh, i'll remember to try more in, tnks games! 

Thanks for playing! Love that you had fun! :D

Great game! I really liked the controls.

Thank you very much. I'll add some extra little bits on the game.